Monday, April 14, 2014


Well hello there! Yes I know it's been an embarrassingly long time. And I would like to keep this blog going, but let's be honest. I'm not the most consistent person ever. I'm motivated right now for some reason though so we will roll with it. 

I would like to say that you'll probably see the most activity on my new Instagram account. I started it mainly so I could follow healthy fitness/food people without it taking up all of my personal friends on my private account. That and I needed extra motivation to exercise and eat healthy and what better than to be accountable to peoples of the internet. 

So, if you'd like to follow me, go for it! It's @healthyhappilyeverafter

Note the HEALTHYhappilyeverafter. 

Yes, that's no makeup, 7 week postpartum body, middle of the afternoon picture taken in a bathroom in which the mirror hasn't been cleaned in a while. One thing I want to make sure is that my account stays real, ya know? None of this, "I'm totally perfect, we only eat organic vegan food with spirulina shots and chia seeds and wouldn't DREAM of putting anything processed in my body!" crap. Ok I shouldn't say crap. Those are great for some people but if you're like me, you like to do other things than that. Life gets crazy and it's impossible to be perfect. 

Ok, ya got it. Well there's been LOTS going on ( including a new baby ) that I'll be catching up on. So look out!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

FHE: We Have a Prophet Today

So, I am still working on teaching my 2 and almost 4-year-old more consistently about the gospel, and tonight I really felt the need to make sure they recognize who our church leaders are.  And guess what? I kind of came up with my own lesson that was super easy and my kids were engaged the whole time!  So, here is what we did.

Sing We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet (hymn 19)
Show Pictures of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.  Although don't use the picture I used above, it's not updated.  I just went over the First Presidency because they're pretty young and were not paying very close attention so we had to keep it short and sweet.  But what we did was try to teach this song that you can get on  Although now that I'm looking I can't find it.  But you sing the last names of the Prophet and Apostles in order, to the tune of 10 little Indians.  It goes like

Monson, Eyring, Uchtdorf, Packer
Perry, Nelson, Oakes, and Ballard
Scott, Hales, Holland, Bednar, Cook
Christofferson and Anderson.

And that was all we did because it was 10 PM and we needed to go to bed.  But I really liked it!  And I love the zero preparation aspect of it as well.  Hopefully it'll give you some ideas flowing for your next Family Night!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dermatologist Recommended Way to Shave Legs!

So a little while ago, my husband informed me what a Dermatologist had said was the best way to shave your legs (and other places) to keep them smooth and to not get those bumps.  

1. Always shave while you are in the shower.

2. Use Aveeno therapeutic shave gel.

3.  Shave down, then up.  Or "with the grain" then "against the grain".  A lot of what causes razor burn is the fact that you are pulling your hair out of your legs, and it helps to go down then up.

4.  Never use a razor head for more than a week.  This is also a big contributor to pulling the hair out of your legs.  A dull blade is no bueno for smooth legs.

5. Don't shave every day.  This dermatologist said to shave at most every other day.  Not a problem for me because who wants their showers to take this long every day!

So, even if you're not doing all of these tips, I think the biggest ones that have made a difference for me have been using the Aveeno shaving gel, and shaving down then up.  I wish I took a before and after picture of the way my legs look!  You know those ugly razor bumps that you get?  Well, mine are gone!  I didn't think that would ever happen!  Now to get my legs more toned, then I'll be set for summer!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Step Back and Simplify

If you guys haven't noticed, I've not been near as regular in  my posts as I would like to be.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed as my husband is becoming less and less of a support at home with some major tests and things that are happening at school.  What's hard too is that he is at the computer a lot, which leaves it difficult for me to put posts on, since the only times my kids are asleep are when he's using the computer.
Since my life is getting a little more challenging, I decided there are 3 things that I have to get done every day. 
Read my scriptures, exercise, and practice the piano. 
These are things that better me, and my self-confidence, and once I manage to get in these three things, my day is a billion times better.  I'm much more capable of fitting in the rest of the things I need to do.  Plus, my patience and tolerance increases with my children and husband.  What's more, it allows me to take a look at what's really important in this life. 
I encourage you to figure out what it is you need everyday.  Try and limit it to 3 things (one in the morning, afternoon and night while kids are sleeping preferably).  What are some things you guys can't live without?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fort Fun

For Easter my parents sent a little package to the kids. It was full of tent supplies, clamps, and head lamps. Such a fun idea. So we grabbed an old sheet and made them a fort. They loved it! The clamps were amazing. The fort could be hooked to anything and it stayed put. I don't know why I didn't think of using clamps before.

So that is my tip to make life easier. Grab some clamps at your local hardware store and make your kids a fort. It may provide you with a few moments of peace and quiet. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dish Out the Compliments

I've been thinking the last couple of days. So, I am really bad at cleaning the kitchen at night. I can't bring myself to do it after I put the kids down and if I don't get dinner cleaned up before the kids go down, it usually waits until the next day. Well, by some miracle, I have had the kitchen cleaned 2 nights in a row!

This may not seem important, but bear with me. So my husband has been very enthusiastic in complimenting me and thanking me for cleaning the kitchen. It kind of makes me embarrassed that it's that big of a deal, but at the same time I am one of those people that is always fishing for compliments. When my husband mentioned that I didn't even have to fish for these, it got me thinking. I kind of wish that I naturally kept our house more clean and that he recognized me for it even if it was the norm.

So here is my thought on something small you can do that can better your marriage. Always look for things to compliment him on. Thank him for working every day. Thank him for taking out the garbage without being asked. Thank him for helping you brush the kids teeth. Thank him for playing with the kids. Thank him for being home in time for you to run to the store without your kids. Thank him for putting his shoes away. These are normal things that should be done anyway. But don't you think your husband would love to help you out more if he was being recognized for the things he was doing? And don't you think you'll be a lot less mad when you are constantly looking for the good to compliment him on? I think this simple act could make a huge impact on a marriage, and it doesn't take money, or time! Just try and turn your thoughts more positively and see how it makes a difference.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meal Plan Help

So, I've been super lame I know.  And I have excuses, but I won't bore you with them.  Right now, I'm going to give you what is helping me with my Meal Planning. 
A little backstory, I am a terrible meal planner.  I have this weird thing where I feel like I have to find all new recipes and it would take me HOURS to plan for just a week.  My poor husband just wants a meal consistently and it wasn't happening.  So we decided to come up with an easier way to meal plan that helps me make decisions easier, and we make some of the same things (which makes my life easier).  Anyway, want to see it?  Here's my "Meal Plan Guideline".
Mondays:  Soup Day
Tuesdays:  Crock Pot Meal
Wednesdays:  Salad
Thursdays:  Something New
Fridays:  Homemade Pizza Night
Saturdays:  Monthly Rotation/Favorite Meals
Sundays:  "Mom's Cooking"
Guess what, this surprisingly relieved a lot of pressure.  It's not like we're eating the same thing every week, but we can still have some of our favorite meals.  And I catered it to how our week normally looks. 
Mondays:  Are sometimes hard to get back in the swing of things, and most of the time soups are easy to make, and something like our Black Bean Soup is quick and easy to make, and we usually have the ingredients on hand.  But, I'm not stuck to making only soups that we have already had, I can maybe branch out, but it makes it easier to find something when I know I'm looking for a soup.
Tuesdays:  I teach piano from 3 until 7:30, so I don't have time to make dinner.  But instead of my husband being in charge, I can put something in the crockpot around lunchtime, and then it's ready to eat when my family is ready to eat.  Again, I can make some of our favorite crock pot meals, or I can look for something new, but I have a guideline of something kind of specific to look for.
Wednesdays:  You can make this as easy or complicated as you want.  Something I've learned on my quest to good health, is the importance of eating salad more.  But, I feel quite limited if that's all I'm eating every night.  But it's really good for us to have one night a week where we know we're eating salad.  Again, you can throw together whatever ingredients you have in the house, and just eat it with Ranch, or you can find a recipe for salad online.  I have some of my favorites.  By the way, you should try making your own dressing.  It totally changed my attitude about eating salad!
Thursdays:  Something new.  This is a good opportunity to go through all those cookbooks you have and actually make some of those recipes you've never tried but kind of wanted to.  I finished making all the recipes out of Our Best Bites first cookbook, and now I'm working on their new one Savoring the Seasons.  This is a great day for me to try one of those!
Fridays:  We just started doing movie nights.  And instead of ordering pizza, (because we're poor), we make our own.  I haven't found my perfect pizza crust recipe yet, so I've been going through my pinterest board and each week we try a new recipe for pizza.  And you can make it as healthy or greasy as you want!
Saturdays:  This is a day where we can barbecue steaks, make our favorite pulled pork sandwiches, try those veggie burgers, etc.  I usually like to ask my husband what he's in the mood for and we go for that on Saturdays.
Sundays:  You know sometimes it's good to go back to your roots.  We don't eat casseroles and such the way my family did growing up.  But Sundays are a great day to bring those back.  Think, lasagna, roasts, Italian Chicken, Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, etc. 
How about you?  What helps you the most when planning your weekly (or monthly) menu?